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Active holidays for whole family.

It is a breathtaking journey to the North America of the 19th century; to the Wild West, where the representatives of Indian tribe of Lakota live.

You will participate in:

  • canoeing
  • communication with Native Americans
  • archery
  • lassoing
  • staying for the night in tepee (a conical tent made of cloth used by American Indians of the Plains and Great Lakes regions)
  • tasting primeval cuisine

Two- or three-day programme For families and groups of children (4 – 12 participants in each group)

We provide our clients with all necessary equipment, lease and deliver canoes to the starting point. Our instructors will help you in setting up a camp and make your journey exciting.


The Isloch River or The Gayna River, Belarus


$89 per person for a two-day journey
$135 per person for a three-day journey

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