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223036, 46 Minskaya str.,
Zaslaw'e, Minsk region, Belarus

Ecological campsite “Robinzon”

Rossony District, Vitebsk Region 20.07.2012 – 27.07.2012 280km far from Minsk
Ivye District, Grodno Region 03.08.2012 – 10.08.2012 110km far from Minsk

Living on a territory of an equipped campsite

Activities included:

  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • radial bicycle trekking
  • climbing wall
  • archery
  • radial swamp trekking
  • summer theatre
  • Russian baths
  • playgrounds (indoor soccer, volleyball)

Participation fee – 145 $
Children who are younger than 6 years old – free of charge
Children and teenagers with both parents – 50% discount

Participation fee will cover:

living on a territory of a campsite (personal equipment), rent of boats for 2 days, service of guides and instructors, transportation to a starting point of boating, 2 film shows, two 1.5-hour climbing lessons, two 3.5-hour Russian baths sessions, sports equipment (bows, balls, nets etc), firewood, rubbish disposal, drinking water.

Additional paid services:

rent of bicycles and equipment for tourism (tents, sleeping bags etc), staying for the night in a tepee (a conical tent made of cloth used by American Indians of the Plains and Great Lakes regions)

The order of application and payment:

You write an e-mail application and send it to info@greenteam.by. The application should contain your name, surname and patronymic, description of your physical abilities, tourism experience, your age, sex and, of course, contacts.

You will have to pay the whole sum of money 7 days before the beginning of your camping at the latest. After payment in the office of a tourism company “Green Team”, a “tourist” will sign a contract and get detailed information about the location of the campsite.
Remember that you will not be able to pay in the forest. =)

Additional information – tel. +375296318569

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